2009 Tokyo Motor Show may be canceled this year

The 2009 Tokyo Motor Show may be canceled this year. Japan Automobile Manufacturer’s Association (JAMA) said that the organization is debating whether or not to cancel the show since a number of non-Japanese automakers have decided not to take part in the October show. Even some Japanese exhibitors are also proposing that the show be canceled this year.

“A couple companies are not in favor of organizing the show under these conditions, but that is not JAMA”s opinion,” Toshihiro Iwatake, JAMA”s executive director and secretary general, told Automotive News.

He said that if the show were to be canceled this year the next Tokyo Auto Show would be in 2011. Iwatake said that if Toyota, Honda or Nissan pulled out of the Tokyo show, that would be total doom for the 2009 event.

He said that a decision should be made by early next month. The theme for the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show which opens to press on Oct. 21st and the public on Oct. 23rd will have a theme of “Fun driving for us, eco driving for earth.