Detroit NAIAS 2009: Dodge Circuit EV, Dodge EV gets a name and cosmetic changes

No matter how much Chrysler tries to change up its Dodge EV, the fact remains that the car is essentially a Lotus Europa with Dodge badging. In an effort to make the vehicle more Dodge-like, Chrysler is bringing back the Dodge EV under a new name – Dodge Circuit EV – with a couple of its own cosmetic additions.

“The Dodge Circuit EV displays a bold exterior and interior styling with outstanding performance,” says Chrysler. But the only thing changed here is the front lower grille, a new rear-bumper, a new rear-spoiler and the relocation of the plug-in socket. Other than that it’s the same old Dodge EV colored in “Tangogreen” wearing large “EV” graphics on both sides.

The Chrysler ENVI drivetrain remains the same so you’re still going to get 268-hp with a 0 to 60 time of less than 5 seconds and a top speed of 120 mph. Once the lithium-ion battery pack has been fully charged, the power driven to the electric motor will still allow a 150 to 200 mile range.

It’s still a concept joining the range of other ENVI concepts and Chrysler has still not revealed which ENVI concept it will put into production. Nardelli – the clock is ticking sir.

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Dodge Circuit EV: