GM sells over 2 million vehicles in Europe, Chevrolet has best year ever

GM said today that sales in Europe reached a volume of 2.04 million vehicles in 2008 with the company’s market share totaling 9.3 percent. That’s the third consecutive year in the region where GM managed to sell over 2 million vehicles despite the tough economic conditions of 2008. Sales in Europe were down 6.5 percent.

Chevrolet had its best year ever in Europe reaching over half a million units sold. Chevrolet grew nearly 11 percent with sales reaching over 507,000 with a new market share of 2.3 percent.

Opel was down 10.5 percent with a total of 1,459,000 vehicles sold. Saab was down 21.9 percent while Cadillac was down 5 percent selling 66,173 and 4,556 vehicles respectively. Hummer was down 1.8 percent with a total of 2,286 units sold.