Ford’s Eva is no Eva Mendez but will keep you’re anti-social self some company

Besides showing off the new SYNC at the 2009 CES, Ford also showed how customers can react and interact with a vehicle’s controls and display by making voice recognition more natural and conversational. Ford’s Human Machine Interface’s (HMI) first breakthrough was the SmartGauge with EcoGuide – an innovative instrument cluster that provides real-time info that helps drivers achieve maximum fuel-efficiency from their Ford hybrids.

Now Ford is offering a sneek peak at the future of how Ford’s interior technology features could function one day. Taking SYNC to the next level with the use of configurable controls and the use of an electronic personal assistant or “avatar,” named Eva.

Eva is engaged through conversational speech and acts as a liaison connecting vehicle information with the driver’s wishes. Don’t have a friend? Ask Eva to look you up information on the internet.

Check out Eva in action after the jump.