Honda is reconsidering S2000 successor, CR-Z Coupe, V8 and RWD for Acura

Honda recently announced that it has shelved the NSX program to concentrate more on increasing sales and affordable products that consumers are interested in buying. It seems like the NSX isn’t the only thing Honda is pulling the plug on.

According to AutoCar, Honda is also reconsidering a range of rear-wheel-drive vehicles for Acura along with a proposed V8 engine. It is also rethinking the next-generation Honda S2000 and the upcoming CR-Z Coupe.

Sources say that Acura will be hit the hardest by the changes. Adding onto the cancelation NSX, the loss of the rear-wheel-drive platform and a V8 engine will cause Acura to be even less competitive amongst other luxury Japanese, German and American brands.

AutoCar says that Honda will also be making other changes like a single Honda Accord that will sell globally instead of the pair of Accords that exist now – one for the U.S. and one for the rest of the world.

Source: AutoCar