Consumer Reports picks top Detroit cars, Ford dominates list

Consumer Reports magazine said today that the Detroit Big 3 are “heading in the right direction.” While praising Ford Motor Co. and General Motors Corp., Consumer Reports warns that Chrysler LLC is falling far behind its domestic rivals.

The magazine said that after recent road and reliability tests reports show that Ford has matched the quality of foreign automakers on several of its models. GM models, while behind Ford, have performed a lot better than their predecessors.

Consumer Reports named the Chevrolet Malibu LTZ as its top-rated Detroit-made car. Ford cars included the Ford Fusion SEL, Ford Taurus X, Ford Taurus, Mercury Milan Premier, Mercury Sable and the Lincoln MKZ. No Chrysler vehicles were recommended.

“Ford has been doing a lot right on reliability for the past five years,” said David Champion, the magazine’s chief car tester. “It’s not immediately apparent that the Ford Fusion would be more reliable than the Toyota Camry, but it is, and the Fusion is one of the more reliable family sedans on the market.”