From New Zealand: Hodge Hawk Three-Wheeler Concept

When we hear “New Zealand” we think of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. It’s highly-unlikely that a car or anything with a motor and a set of wheels will come to mind. Well, Alex Hodge is out to change all that with his latest concept known as the Hodge Hawk.

Alex Hodge designed the Hodge Hawk with the compactness of a motorbike and the practicality of a car. Power comes from a Honda RC51 V-twin 999cc motor that produces 120-hp for the 19-inch front wheel. Top speed comes in at 145 mph.

We highly-doubt that the Hodge Hawk will ever enter production but its car-like front fascia (with headlights and a windshield) may be appreciated if it ever makes it to the road. Alex Hodge describes the Hodge Hawk as being built with the use of carbon fiber and plastic coatings.

Alex Hodge’s Hodge Hawk:


Source: WCF