2008 FR500C Ford Mustang GT running on E85 hits 252.78 mph

Brent Hajek is a racecar museum owner and a corn farmer and knows all there is to know about ethanol-based fuel. Hajek was the brain behind an ethanol powered Ford Mustang FR500C that hit a top speed of 252.78 mph on Bonneville Salt Flats. While that beats the previous record of 246 mph, Hajek and his team will have to duplicate the run to get it on the books.

When Hajek first pitched the idea to Ford to get a Mustang back on Bonneville, he didn’t get much attention from FoMoCo. However, once Hajek included E85 as a part of his plan Ford was all game.

“You say it cuts your performance?” he asked. “Why don”t you go out there and see if you can go faster than we did.”

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Source: NewsOk (via AutoblogGreen)