Use your Facebook account to comment on eGMCarTech

For 2009, eGMCarTech will be making a lot of changes. We thought we’d introduce one to you before the clock hits midnight tonight.

In an effort to increase commenting in our car obsessed world and create discussions between visitors of eGMCarTech, we’re now making things easier for you by allowing you to use your Facebook account to comment on the site.

Already logged into Facebook? eGMCarTech will automatically recognize it and let you comment without going through the hassle of entering your name, e-mail address or blood type (we really don’t ask for your blood type – that’s a joke for those of you think we’re serious all the time). You don’t even have to create an avatar image – the comments section will automatically use your Facebook default picture. Give it a shot after the jump. And hang on – we have many more changes coming during the first week of 2009.