BMW is moving ahead with the Progressive Activity Sedan

If you thought the BMW X6 was a huge risk by the popular luxury German automaker, wait until you see what else they have in the works. According to AutoCar, BMW is moving ahead with plans to produce what is known as the Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS) or a “5-Series GT.”

The BMW PAS, which insiders say is “modern grand tourer with a luxury cabin and interior flexibility,” will be priced somewhere between the BMW 5-Series sedan and wagon and the 7-Series. It will be pitched at drivers who want an SUV but are not looking for a full-scale sports-utility.

So is this just a smaller X6? Those who have already been up-close-and-personal with the PAS describe the car as a “tall 7-series hatchback than a low-rise X6,” reports AutoCar. Inside the car is said to offer rear leg-room that of a long-wheelbase 7-Series.

Engine lineup is not yet known but expect to find the 3.0L twin-turbo 6-cylinder as well as the 3.0L turbodiesel under the hood.

Source: AutoCar