Honda Civic ranks no.1 in KBB’s most-researched new vehicles of 2008

The 2008 Honda Civic has topped the list of the most-researched new vehicles in 2008 on Kelley Blue Book’s Web Site. The list consisted of seven Toyota models and six Honda models. The Honda Civic was followed by the Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry.

Noteworthy jumps into the top 20 most-researched new vehicles for 2008 that were not on the list in 2007 included the redesigned Chevrolet Malibu which jumped 55 places from last year’s rank at 72 to this year’s rank at 17. The Honda Fit was ranked 15 this year up from 35 last year while Toyota’s Yaris ranked 11 as compared to 23 last year. The Volkswagen Jetta came in last at 20 moving up from 25 last year.

Click through for the full list.’s Most-Researched New Vehicles of 2008

   1. Honda Civic
   2. Honda Accord
   3. Toyota Camry
   4. Toyota Corolla
   5. Nissan Altima
   6. Honda CR-V
   7. Toyota Prius
   8. Toyota Highlander
   9. Toyota RAV4
  10. Mazda3
  11. Toyota Yaris
  12. Ford Escape
  13. Honda Odyssey
  14. Honda Pilot
  15. Honda Fit
  16. Ford Mustang
  17. Chevrolet Malibu
  18. Toyota Sienna
  19. MINI Cooper
  20. Volkswagen Jetta