Subaru Impreza diesel delayed indefinitely

According to AutoCar, the Subaru Impreza diesel variant for the UK has been delayed indefinitely due to the yen exchange rates. The rates hit their highest level in 13 years on Wednesday. Sources say that the company had no choice but to delay the Impreza diesel until the yen drops.

“At the current rate we would have to charge vastly more than we can justify for the diesel Impreza if we were to make a profit,” sources told the UK publication. “As a result we can”t guarantee when the car will go on sale as we can”t predict when the economy will change.”

Toyota yesterday blamed the poor exchange rates for its suffering, causing it forecast its first-ever annual operating loss in 70 years.

The Japanese government has stepped in to stabilize its currency rates in the past, but as of right now there are no guarantees that the government will take any action on the current situation.

Source: AutoCar