9ff DraXster: A 1300-hp Porsche 911 for drag-racing

Of course 9ff didn’t need to make a drag-racing Porsche but creating a car faster than the Bugatti Veyron is enough justification to build the new 9ff’s 1300-hp Porsche 911 DraXster.

Power comes from a 4.0L twin-turbo 6-cylinder engine that makes a total of 1300-hp with a maximum torque of 878 lb-ft. That allows for a 0 to 161 mph run in just 9.5 seconds. Top speed and quarter-mile run figures are unavailable.

Pricing is also unavailable but we’re guessing 9ff isn’t planning on producing many units since maintaining high-speeds with a 1300-hp Porsche 911 that weighs just 1168kg isn’t safe or healthy for the car during long distances.

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9ff Porsche 911 DraXster:



Source: autoblog.nl