Volvo brings back free maintenance program for 2009 models

At a time when the industry is at an all time low, Volvo is bringing back its scheduled free maintenance to help put the brand back on the new car shopper’s buying list. Volvo has reinstated its 3 year/36,000 free maintenance for all 2009 models after a major push from dealers.

Volvo had canned the program for 2006 models following Mercedes-Benz which killed its free maintenance program for 2005 models and Audi which axed its program for 2007 models. BMW was the only brand that kept its program.

An owner of four Volvo stores in Illinois and Wisconsin, Mark Fields, is also a BMW dealer. He says a big part of his BMW success was the free maintenance program.

“The Volvo buyer is a practical buyer who studies the buying decisions and does a lot of research,” Fields told Automotive News. “The cost of owning the vehicle is now less.”