Press: Chrysler could be the Mercedes or BMW of America

According to co-President Jim Press, if Chrysler toughs it out of the financial crisis, it will emerge as a “boutique enterprise” and a competitor to Germany’s premium brands including BMW and Mercedes-Benz

“If there’s one company in America that can build high-craftsmanship, innovative vehicles, it’s Chrysler,” Press said in an interview with Automotive News.

He said the Chrysler’s future vehicles will have premium features that are affordable to American customers using the 2009 Dodge Ram as an example. Press said that while GM and Ford are making basic cars and ‘gingerbreading them up to be premium vehicles, Chrysler is making premium vehicles from the ground up.

“If Mercedes-Benz built a pickup truck, that’s what it would be,” said Press. “We’re going to be a smaller, more focused company. We could be the Mercedes or BMW of America.”

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