Lauckner: Chevrolet Volt is still on schedule despite Flint, Mich., construction delay

Recent news about GM’s financial situation have built suspicion that there may be an obstacle in the production schedule of GM’s 2011 Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid. General Motors recently announced that it will delay the construction of its new Flint, Mich., plant which is responsible for building the engine for the Volt.

Jon Lauckner, Vice President Global Program Management, decided to speak out on the recent rumors about the Volt.

“It is one of the highest, if not the highest, priority programs in the company and that hasn”t changed, nor has the commitment of resources to fund it,” said Jon Lauckner on GM’s FastLane Blog. “In fact, with the successful completion of each development activity, we have more confidence than ever the Volt will start production as planned in late 2010.”

Lauckner said that GM finished building the last of the 33 prototypes for the testing stage last week. He said that the company is already finalizing the engineering for its final prototype which it plans to begin testing July 2009.

Speaking about the temporarily suspended construction activities at the new engine plant in Flint, Lauckner said that the move has no impact in the production timing of the Volt or the Chevy Cruze.

Source: GM FastLane Blog