New Mini print ad takes a lot of effort, displays new Mini Cooper Convertible in 3D

You can check out the 2009 MINI Cooper Convertible in all angles in our high-res image gallery posted after the jump, but if you live in Germany and have a lot of time on your hands you can see the new Cooper Convertible in 3D. Mini has launched its new augmented reality ad in 3 German magazines. How does it work (if you’re not really tech savvy just stop reading here and click through to see a short video of the ad in action)?

After removing the print ad from the magazine, can follow the 3 steps that guide them on how to see a 3D Mini Convertible. Type in the URL to Mini’s website and hold up the ad in front of your webcam. What happens next may amaze you for the next 5 minutes of your life as a 3D Mini Cooper Convertible appears on your monitor. While the user moves the print ad, the 3D Mini moves along with it in real-time giving them a birds-eye view of the front, back and the interior of the car.

Of course users will need to install all types of plug-ins to get the ad working. Oh and it only works on a PC. Just a side note – our photo gallery works on Macs and PCs.

Follow the jump for the video.



2009 Mini Cooper Convertible:

Source: Gizmodo