Dodge Challenger is a PNTYDRPR, saves lives and wife’s mental health

Chrysler’s Red Letter Dodge recently ran an essay contest in which they asked Dodge Challenger owners: “How did the Challenger impact your life?” While the prize, a limited edition 2008 Challenger scale model and a Challenger SRT clock, didn’t seem too attractive, entries poured in with people saying that their Challenger has done everything from getting them into church to saving “my wife’s mental health.”

One member said that the new 2008 Dodge Challenger helped him attract more females. PNTYDRPR (which stands for Panty Dropper), said that the Challenger helped him start his own own company, attract women and prompted him to get his license plate changed to “PNTYDRPR.” We’re just wondering what type of business PNTYDRPR is in.

“If you work hard enough, nothing is out of reach, not even the Challenger,” he wrote.

Unfortunately the contest has ended but it’s interested seeing what people have submitted. Check out more posts here.

2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8:

Source: InsideLine