Should you be worried? Gas-prices are on the rise again

After eighty six consecutive daily declines, gas prices rose for the second day in a row. AAA said Sunday that the national average price for a gallon of gas went up to $1.663 from the $1.66 the day before. The average price of gas was $1.656, AAA said.

Gas prices have been on a daily decline for three months, falling by $2.199 or 57 percent. That made the national average price $2.451 or 59.6 percent off the record high of $4.114 reported on July 17, 2008. Two states, including Alaska at $2.689, still have average regular unleaded gas price of $2 and higher. Missouri has reported the cheapest regular gallon of gasoline at $1.477.

Analysts say that you should enjoy the gas prices while they are here because prices will go back up when the spring and summer driving season arrive in 2009. Crude oil has fallen more than $100 a barrel since July as investors worried that U.S. was consuming less fuel.

Analysts are saying the rapid decline in the price of crude oil may be setting the U.S. up for a gas price “super spike” in two to four years.

Source: CNNMoney