Maybach 72: A stretched Maybach 62 for those that need more seats

We almost forgot that Maybach is still around until today. A stretched Maybach 62 is on sale in Germany for those that thought that seating for four in the ultra-luxurious car was never enough (or for those that just want to show off that they have a limo version of one of the most expensive vehicles in the world).

The 2004 Maybach 62 has only been driven 800 miles and is on sale for 599,000 euros – that’s a whopping $799,574 USD for those that are interested.

Of course we think there is a lot more you can do with $799,574 – like helping bail out the American auto industry for example.

Maybach 72: Stretched-out Maybach 62:



Source: autogespot (via via WCF)