Bob Lutz defends boss Rick Wagoner

It’s probably best for GM that Bob Lutz didn’t attend the congressional hearings last week since Lutz is one of the most outspoken executives Detroit has ever seen. But as GM’s CEO Rick Wagoner’s job may be on the line for the company to get government loans, Lutz is now speaking out. Lutz says Wagoner has done an amazing job of changing the course of the automaker and implementing its restructuring efforts.

“If Congress wants a sacrifice, it should be me,” Lutz told Tom Walsh of the Detroit Free Press. “I”m older and I”ve made politically incorrect remarks about global warming, so it should be me.”

When Walsh asked 76-year old Lutz what he thought about the congressional hearings and GM’s current perception in the media: Lutz said: “It just infuriates to hear supposedly intelligent people describe the GM of the 1980s as if it was today.”

Lutz has worked for GM, Chrysler, Ford, and at one point ventured out to BMW.

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Source: Detroit Free Press