How long will it take? Acura still aiming to become a big-league luxury player

It seems like dealer Dave Conant really believes in Acura and Honda’s U.S. executives when they say Acura will soon be a top-tier luxury brand playing in the major leagues with Lexus, Mercedes and BMW. So much so that Conant spent $20 million upgrading his Acura dealership in suburban Los Angeles betting that this time Honda will succeed.

“We invested in this facility on the bet they really mean it,” Conant told Automotive News.

Jeff Conrad, vice president of American Honda’s Acura division admits that dealer expectations are high. He says that Acura is working hard to improve its vehicles, marketing, and retail network but reaching those goals will take some time.

“Every product we launch becomes more of a Tier 1 product.” Conrad says. “But you don’t just snap your fingers and do it overnight. It is a long-term effort.”

Let us know if you think that the $34,955 2009 Acura TL 3.5L V6 engine is a Tier 1 product in the comments section below and give us you’re input on if and how Acura can become a Tier 1 brand. Oh, and while your at it, let us know what you think about Dave Conant spending $20 million to upgrade his Acura dealership.