Video: Big 3 bake sale to help Mulally, Wagoner, Nardelli adjust their lifestyle

Getting yelled at by Congress, giving up the luxury of flying in their own private jets, driving from Detroit to D.C. in company owned hybrids, giving up post-retirement health care and accepting a $1-a-year salary – those are just some of the things the Big 3 CEO’s are going through.

Has anyone stopped to think about how Wagoner, Mulally and Nardelli will have to adjust their lifestyle after getting government loans to keep their companies afloat? Seeing as how much everyone hates the three CEOs we’re guessing no one really gives a ____ (insert your favorite four-letter word).

Well, someone has. Donny Miller is helping raise money for the Big 3 CEOs in a very traditional style – having a bake sale outside the 2008 LA Auto Show last week.

Follow the jump for the video.

Big 3 Bake Sale:



Source: Donny Miller (via Jalopnik)