Lexus LS-F may join the ‘F-upped’ Lexus range

Reports of the Lexus GS-F and the LF-A being delayed have seemed to become a common thing for us to report. But from what we know so far, the GS-F will arrive when it is redesigned in 2011 and the LF-A supercar is scheduled late 2010 or early 2011 – seeing as the auto industry doesn’t fall apart anymore than it already has.

Any how, our friends at AutoBlog recently spoke to Hirokazu Koga, general manager of the Lexus Development Center, who told them that an ‘F-upped’ version of the Lexus LS may be in the cards. Yes, while BMW has no plans of doing an ‘M’ version of the 7-Series anytime soon, it seems Lexus will go ahead and be the Mercedes-Benz S 63 AMG’s only rival.

According to AutoBlog, the LF-A’s V10 powerplant may be the best candidate for the LS-F. But again, keep in mind that this is all subject to how the auto industry performs over the next year.

Source: AutoBlog