Right now is probably the best time to buy a car

According industry experts, right now is probably the best time ever to go car shopping – of course that’s if you aren’t worried that the manufacturer will go out of business and shut down parts and services and ruin the cars resale value (so just as a thought – you may want to wait for the congressional hearings to be over today before you run to the dealerships).

“Virtually everybody can find what they want,” says Jack Nerad of kbb.com. “The only place they’re thin is pickups and large SUVs.”

Due to an ailing economy and falling sales, dealers are offering a good selection of deals and since automakers are slashing production that is leaving dealers with huge inventories on their lots that they are desperate to move.

Keep in mind that if the automaker goes under bankruptcy protection or is bought out by another company, parts, service and warranty work would be available.  Unfortunately if the company goes into liquidation, you’re stuck.

Source: The Detroit Free Press