Identity of The Stig is one of the top 10 most searched questions on

The Stig seems to be the biggest mystery on TV and now he’s also become the biggest mystery on the internet. According to, “Who is The Stig?” was one of the top 10 most frequently searched questions by users of its service in 2008.

The Stig, the man who never speaks and wears a white racing suit with a white helmet with tinted visors, has been a riddle that has yet to be solved by the fans of Top Gear.

How does answer the visitor’s question. The search engine basically directs them to information from other sites that speculate racing drivers such as Perry McCarthy and Ben Collins and former Formula 1 champion Damon Hill.

What did “Who is The Stig?” compete with in the top 10 most frequently asked questions on “Am I pregnant?” was one of the most popular followed by others that included “What is the minimum wage?” and “Where can I get a cheap loan?”.

Source: Telegraph