Ford Taurus X and Mercury Sable to die in spring 2009

FoMoCo has told dealers to take in their final orders for the Ford Taurus X SUV and the Mercury Sable sedan before the two vehicles end production in spring of 2009. Ford spokesman Mark Schirmer told Automotive News today that Ford will stop making the Taurus X in March and the Sable in April.

Both vehicles, which are made at Ford’s Chicago assembly plant, have been slow sellers for Ford with the Taurus X selling 22,141 units through November, down 40.7 percent, and the Sable selling 15,586 units, down 20.7 percent.

Schirmer confirmed that the 2010 Ford Taurus will go into production in spring and will be on sale at the end of June. It is expected to make its debut at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show next month.