BMW unveils concept key-fob that acts as a credit card and bus ticket

Here’s a way to lose your keys and your credit card at the same time. BMW has developed a new concept key fob which will also function as a credit card while offering access to an owner’s BMW – and the German automaker isn’t stopping there.

BMW says future plans for the key include it working as a electronic ticket for bus rides, train and air travel, and allowing electronic fund transfers for payments. It will also allow you to provide limited access to your private data stored on the BMW ConnectedDrive inside your car. Basically when you start your car with your own key fob, the car will identify that you are the driver and provide access to your address books, favorite radio station and seat settings.

Now we can understand Bond using such a thing – but the everyday American driver couldn’t possibly that lazy that he/she can’t reach into his/her wallet, pull out their credit card, and swipe it. It’s a 3 step process that couldn’t be made easier.

BMW Multi-Functional Concept Key Fob:



Source: 4WheelsNews