9ff Porsche Panamera: More details and more sketches

We’ve already seen the first official images of the new 2010 Porsche Panamera which some of you think is hot and some of you think its not. So we suppose we should leave it up to the imagination of the tuning industry to come up with something that will boost the sex appeal of the four-door Porsche.

Before the 2010 Panamera made its official debut, tuner 9ff released sketches of a modified version of the car that it was putting together. According to cardesign.ru, 9ff has now teamed up with Russian tuning companies Top Car and Cardi to build the Panamera.

There are supposedly two body kit packages in the works. The first one replaces all the body panels and forgoes door handles – apparently everything will be controlled by the key fob. The second package (which can be used with the first package) adds a new front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts, a carbon fiber bonnet and a large lip spoiler in the back. All three companies have yet to give any information on the power output increases but Porsche says that the Panamera will top out at 500-hp so we’re guessing 700-hp to 800-hp should be a good guesstimate.

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9ff Porsche Panamera Sketches:



Source: cardesign (via GlobalMotors)