Volkswagen Scirocco Studie R Concept unveiled in Bologna

  • “¢  Your first look at the Scirocco R20T or Scirocco R (whatever they’ll call it).
  • “¢  2.0 TFSI from Audi S3 making 270-hp.
  • “¢  6-speed dual clutch transmission.
  • “¢  Coileovers, 4-piston brake calipers, exhaust system from Scirocco GT24

While it doesn’t make an outstanding 325-hp like the Scirocco GT24, Volkswagen is presenting a street version of the race car at the 2008 Bologna Motor Show that is just 55-hp less. The new 270-hp Volkswagen Scirocco Studie R Concept is our first look at the production version of the Scirocco R20T we heard about earlier last week.

The Volkswagen Scirocco Studie R is in many ways inspired by the Scirocco GT24. The front end features three large air inlets that optimize cooling of the brakes and engine, the front splitter, and the engine hood with its air vents are also adopted from the race car. The back features a rear-wing, a distinctive diffuser, and a new rear-bumper. Along with new side skirts and polished 19-inch alloy wheels the Scirocco Studie R can be easily spotted in a crowd of Sciroccos.

Sources say that the production version of the Scirocco Studie R will have 80 percent of the visual aggressiveness of the Scirocco GT24. A market debut is expected in early 2010.

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Volkswagen Scirocco Studie R Concept: