Chrysler advocating alliances between Detroit’s Big 3

It seems like hanging out in D.C. together has given the Big 3 a chance to warm up to each other. Otherwise known as fierce rivals, Chrysler is pushing for more cooperation among the Detroit 3 in efforts to reduce cost and increase global competitiveness.

Jim Press, former Toyota executive turned Chrysler’s President, said that the Big 3 could save a lot of money by sharing technology and other components. Press said that while aid from Congress will give the automakers long-term viability, the key issue is competitiveness on a global scale.

“When you get into advanced powertrain, fuel cells, battery technology, some of the hardware components and electronics — they can be commodities that could be developed or produced jointly” Press said in an interview with Detroit News.

Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli hinted at the idea during the last congressional hearings. He suggested ideas of creating institutions where technology would be developed and then transferred to the Big 3.

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Source: Detroit News