BMW not considering MINI E for mass-production, studying drivetrain for other BMW models

The new battery-powered MINI E is very important to BMW – well at least its drivetrain and lithium-ion battery pack are. According to AutoExpress, while the MINI E plays a major role in BMW’s conquest for a future zero-emissions range, it is not being considered for mass production.

Of the 500 units of the MINI E on the road, 450 will be sent back to BMW engineers after current owners complete their one-year leases. With engineering insight and customer feedback, BMW bosses will plan the perfect lineup of electric cars which will be more practical than the two-seater MINI E.

“As the rear seats and cargo carrying space are lost [because of the battery pack], the MINI is not a candidate for mass production,” said a BMW spokesman. He said that the drivetrain is likely to appear on the 5-Series or 7-Series. The new electric-system will also find its way under the hood of the 3-Series and the X1 and X3 SUVs.

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