Video: VW Concept Pickup stars in Baywatch ripoff, shows that concepts can save people to

Remember the Volkswagen Concept Pickup that was revealed in September? Yes, it’s the awkward looking concept that hints at a high-volume production European vehicle set to hit markets late next year.

Volkswagen has released a promo for the Concept Pickup showing its capabilities Baywatch style. After watching the promo, we’re left wondering whether the production Volkswagen pickup will be good for heavy-duty jobs like our beloved Ford F150 or the Toyota Tundra.

Production of the Volkswagen pickup will kick off in mid-2009 in Pacheco, Argentine mid-2009 with a total of 100,000 units planned annually. No word yet on when the production Volkswagen pickup will arrive in North American markets.

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Volkswagen Concept Pickup:





Source: WCF