Suppliers, dealers, and UAW putting together fuel-efficient caravan to D.C. to show support

A group of suppliers, dealers, and union members are putting together a huge caravan to Washington, D.C. consisting of the Big 3’s fuel-efficient vehicles. GM and Ford said that they support the effort put together by the group but will not be joining in on the trip.

Suppliers, dealers and members of the UAW have started planning a trip to show their support for the struggling Detroit 3 and to showcase the fuel-efficient vehicles by each automaker. “The whole grassroots caravan to Washington, D.C., effort we think is a great idea,” said GM spokesman Tom Wilkinson. “It’s just not something we are in a position to sponsor or manage.”

Wilkinson confirmed that GM’s CEO Rick Wagoner won’t be joining the caravan nor will he be flying to D.C. on GM’s corporate jets after being criticized for it last week along with the other Detroit CEOs. Wilkinson said that for security reasons, GM doesn’t comment on the transportation of its senior executives.

FoMoCo spokesman Mike Moran said that Ford “absolutely supports their effort. But will not involved in putting it together.” A Chrysler spokeswoman said that the company is reviewing the idea but did not have a position as of yet.

Source: Detroit Free Press