PPI’s Audi R8 Razor GTR goes from 0 to 60 in 3.7 secs

PPI Automotive Design showed its Audi R8 Razor at the 2007 Essen Motor Show last year. This year, its back with a hotter, faster, and meaner version called the PPI Razor GTR. While the last model was pretty extreme, the Razor GTR takes extreme to a whole new level.

Power comes from the same 4.2L V8 engine of the R8 but PPI added a supercharger, sport air filter and a tuned stainless steel exhaust system allowing for a total of 573-hp and a peak torque of 443 lb-ft. With a reduction of 550 pounds off the total weight of the R8, 0 to 60 mph comes in just 3.7 seconds with a top speed of 206 mph. Performance is enhanced with upgraded brakes and a KW adjustable coil-over suspension.

PPI also added Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tires on extra-wide alloy wheels – 19 inches in the front and 20 inches in the back – and a wide-body aero kit and a carbon fiber interior trim.

PPI Audi R8 Razor GTR:



Source: InsideLine