Porsche purchases a Tesla Roadster, working on its own electric-car prototype

Remember the electric-powered Ruf Porsche Cayman we saw last month? Well, the executives at Porsche weren’t to happy with the car and are rumored to be working on their own lithium-ion-powered prototype. And that’s where the American made Tesla Roadster comes in.

According to a Tesla spokes person who spoke with Inside Line, “A Porsche senior engineer actually came over a few weeks back, and he was seriously analyzing the car in every detail.”

Nonetheless, just like every other Tesla Roadster customer, Porsche will have to wait a little while to get theirs since it is pretty far down the order list. There is no word on why Porsche wasn’t pleased with Ruf’s electric Cayman. The car produced a total of 240-hp allowing it to do 0 to 62 mph in under 7 seconds with a top speed of 160 mph. It allows 155 to 180 miles of emissions-free driving with a 10 hour charge.

Source: InsideLine