edo competition makes the Ferrari FXX street legal

Ferrari only built 20 FXX models for passionate and dedicated clients that wanted an extreme track car. The 800-hp V12 Ferrari FXX is said the be the most advanced GT car ever made by the Maranello automaker but those 20 owners only have one problem – the car isn’t street legal.

Well, edo competition, who seems to want to tune ever supercar in the world, has decided to offer some upgrades for the FXX to make it street legal. edo competition’s Ferrari FXX adds a new windshield, hand brake, a new suspension system with adjustable compression and a new modified exhaust system.

No the 20 owners of the FXX can finally go take out their frustrations at a nearby track and pick up groceries on the way home.

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edo competition Ferrari FXX:


Source: AutoBlog