LA 2008 Live: Brabus pimps out the Smart ForTwo

  • “¢  It doesn’t have insane amounts of horsepower; 70-hp 1 liter 3-cylinder.
  • “¢  New sportier chassis and suspension components enhance handling.
  • “¢  5-speed automated manual has been retuned for quicker shifting.
  • “¢  Lowered by 10 millimeters for appearance purposes.
  • “¢  Throw some 15-inches on the front and 17’s on the back.

Smart ForTwo drivers that are sick and tired of being looked at as geeky or dorky can now pimp themselves out thanks to a partnership between Brabus and Smart that will offer drivers a sportier package with some appearance enhancing body kit elements for their ForTwo Coupe or ForTwo Cabriolet.

Don’t expect crazy amounts of horsepower – just some tweaking to the handling and the overall look of your Smart ForTwo. Outside, Brabus is offering single color exterior panels and skirt, a rear skirt, front skirt, fender flairs, roof spoiler, a Brabus grille and rear bumper Brabus nameplates, a light package for the side skirts and sport exhaust system featuring chromed dual exhaust tailpipes. To top it off Brabus threw on its “B” emblem on the fuel-cap to get the ladies fighting to get in your ForTwo. Inside you can enjoy ambient lighting, a leather-wrapped handbrake lever, leather-wrapped gear knob with the Brabus logo and Brabus sport brake and gas pedals.

Pricing starts at $17,990 for the Brabus Smart ForTwo Coupe and $20,990 for the Brabus Smart ForTwo Cabriolet.

2008 Smart ForTwo BRABUS – Live from 2008 LA Auto Show:




2008 Smart ForTwo BRABUS: