Top Gear’s Eric Stromer flips his Toyota Camry Hybrid

Let’s not forget that besides having the best job in the world, Top Gear hosts face many dangers. Typically when you hear about Top Gear accidents, they usually occur during filming of an episode. Nonetheless, danger seems to exist off the track for the Top Gear team.

Top Gear USA host Eric Stromer flipped his Toyota Camry Hybrid this past Wednesday after being hit from behind. The Camry Hybrid slid onto the curb while rolling on its passenger side when coming to a rest against a palm tree. Apparently no air bags deployed during the accidents.

Stromer was not injured and during a radio interview with fellow Top Gear USA host, Adam Corolla, Stromer said that he was more worried about spilling his new hot latte.


Source: Adam Corolla Show (via Jalopnik)