Toyota reconsidering building Prius in the U.S.

Toyota is ready to unveil the 2010 Prius at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show with sales in the U.S. to begin in late 2009. The Japanese automaker’s plans to build the next-generation Prius at a new plant in Mississippi however have been pushed back.

Originally, production of the redesigned 2010 Prius was scheduled to begin in mid-2009. According to Japan’s Nikkei newspaper, production plans could be pushed back to 2011. Toyota is reconsidering U.S. production of the Prius as it review all future products and capital investments.

Nothing is final, but according to Automotive News, who spoke with Toyota spokeswoman Kayo Doi, the review also includes the new Prius. President Watanabe and his task force recently cut the company’s full-year earnings forecast.

2010 Toyota Prius: