Video: Aston Martin One-77 Episode 2

Earlier last month Aston Martin released Episode-1 about its upcoming One-77. Today Aston released Episode-2 which gives us a closer look at the design process involved with the most exclusive Aston Martin ever built.

Aston’s Director of Design, Marek Reichman, describes the personal tailoring involved with the One-77. Reichman says that with only 77 units being made for 77 very special customers, Aston will go to the limits to tailor the car to every individual; so much so that customers will be able to tune the feel of the paddle shifts – whether they want a light or heavy feeling.

The video also stars Program Manager Chris Porritt who walks us through the heritage and craftsmanship involved with the car.

The next Episode will be revealed on January 2009 – the month where Aston Martin is expected to officially reveal the One-77.

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Aston Martin One-77: