600-hp Nissan GT-R LM Edition in the works

We haven’t heard anything about the Nissan GT-R V-Spec for a while and quite frankly after learning what we just did  – we could care less. According to Best Car, Nissan is working on a Le Mans edition of the GT-R R35 that will be called ‘LM Edition.’ The car will be extremely exclusive and extremely expensive with very limited production.

Nissan had a LM Edition of the GT-R in the 1990’s that it offered in limited units. Like its predecessor, the new GT-R LM Edition will honor the 24-hours of Le Mans.

Official details are not yet available but sources say that the car will be powered by a modified version of the 480-hp 3.8L twin-turbo V6 from the standard GT-R. Output is expected to come in at 600-hp. The Nissan GT-R LM Edition will also get larger brakes, lighter wheels and some suspension and transmission tweaks. A new bodykit and aerodynamic upgrades are also in the works.

There is no word on when the car will be revealed.

Nissan GT-R:



Source: Best Car (via CarScoop)