Hyundai shows interest in buying stake in Chrysler

As reported earlier today, GM CEO Rick Wagoner confirmed that talks with Cerberus Capital Management about a possible merger or outright acquisition of Chrysler LLC have ended. That got us wondering if Cerberus will once again look to Renault/Nissan which initially offered to buy a 20 percent stake in Chrysler. Well, sources have confirmed that Cerberus owners are looking to restart talks with Renault/Nissan – but wait, there’s more.

Sources are also whispering about Hyundai becoming a potential bidder. Insiders say that talks have taken place between Chrysler and Cerberus about a potential acquisition of the Jeep brand and other possible assets.

Renault/Nissan have also shown interest in Jeep, the most valuable Chrysler brand. Renault sold Jeep to Chrysler along with American Motors back in 1987.

Source: Reuters