Nissan Versa Sedan 1.6 costs $9,990; or does it?

As we reported last week, Nissan will launch a Versa Sedan 1.6 go on Nov. 18th with pricing beginning at $9,990. That’s pretty good since it comes with six-airbags and active head restraints. Don’t get too excited just yet.

The folks at KickingTires did some digging and found out that at $9,990, the Nissan Versa Sedan 1.6 forgoes a stereo, automatic windows and door locks as well as an air conditioning system. You can also forget about steering wheel tilt, driver-seat height adjustment and cruise-control. Oh and if you don’t know how to drive a manual – get ready to cash out some extra green. The A/C option will run you about $1,000 while an automatic transmission will cost you $1,000. Antilock brakes will run you another $250 bucks and not to mention a destination and handling fee of $695. At that point you’ll spend over $12,500 before you walk out the dealer with the keys.

Nonetheless, the 107-hp gets 26/33 mpg (city/highway) when mated to a 4-speed automatic and 26/34 mpg with the 5-speed manual.

Check out the full details after the jump.

    – Versa 1.6 Base ($9,990) includes five-speed manual transmission, 14-inch wheels, manual mirrors/locks/windows, power steering, four-way adjustable cloth seats, six airbags, active head restraints
    – Versa 1.6 ($10,990) adds A/C; four-speed automatic adds $1,000
    – ABS package (antilock brakes, electronic brake-force distribution, brake assist) adds $250
    – Destination charge is $695

Total with A/C, automatic transmission and ABS: $12,935.


Source: KickingTires