GM congratulates Obama, reminds him to help auto industry

According to Automotive News, GM wasted no time in congratulation Barack Obama on his election victory and to remind him that he has made promises to help the auto industry and to make it one of his first priorities when he takes office. GM said that it “welcomes President-elect Obama’s pledge to support our nation’s domestic auto industry in its ongoing efforts to transform its business and develop new technologies.” 

“This support comes at an especially critical time as our industry confronts one of the most difficult economic periods in our nation’s history, caused by the global financial crisis. And, this support will enable a competitive U.S. industry to contribute significantly to our nation’s economic revival, in employment, technology, energy security, and other important areas.”

In an interview with Brian William on NBC”s Nightly News last week, Obama said that he will meet with the executives of Detroit automakers immediately.