A.R.T. MAMMUT gives the Mercedes-Benz GL mammoth-like appearance

Tuner A.R.T. has just revealed its latest project called the MAMMUT based on the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class. What the heck does MAMMUT mean? It translates to MAMMOTH and you can see exactly why from the picture above. The beastly new GL-Class from A.R.T. sports a new front-skirt, large nostriled air-inlets, a new front-grille and a wide overall presence. Its combative front fascia is emphasized with the help of A.R.T. BiXenon NERO headlamp system. In the back the A.R.T. MAMMUT gets wider fenders with gills, red-LED taillamps, a 5-part rear frame with an integrated roof spoiler, and a new A.R.T. rear skirt with an integrated diffuser with a four-pipe sports exhaust system.

Performance wise A.R.T. squeezes an additional 20 percent of speed output. Performance packages will be available at a later date for the V6 and V8 petrol and diesel engines.

The A.R.T. MAMMUT rides on 22-inch mono ART1 light-alloy wheels. An electronic A.R.T. suspension system was also added to lower the height by 35mm which can be individually adjusted up to 60 mm. It’s the perfect SUV for those that don’t care for the environment or their bank accounts.

A.R.T. MAMMUT based on the Mercedes-Benz GL:



Source: WCF