Winterkorn: Audi needs to build vehicles in the U.S. to double sales

Volkswagen AG’s CEO Martin Winterkorn says that Audi must build vehicles in the U.S. if it plans on doubling its sales in the country by 2015. As of right now, under consideration is the $1 billion Cattanooga, Tennessee plant being built to produce Volkswagen branded mid-sedans.

However, Volkswagen AG plans on increasing the capacity of the plant to 250,000 units, leaving the door open for Audi to jump on board. A solid decision to build Audi’s in the U.S. won’t be made until 2009.

According to Jochem Heizmann, VW group board of management member in charge of production of the plant, there is a huge possibility to build Audi vehicles at the plant.

“We have very precise, definite concepts of where to expand and how to expand the paint shop, how to expand the final assembly, how to expand the body shop,” Heizmann said at an event in Berlin.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)