Dodge Viper is the hottest-selling Chrysler model

In a time of economic turmoil and in a time where gas-guzzling models aren’t popular, Chrysler’s hottest-selling vehicle is its most expensive and one of its least fuel-efficient – the Dodge Viper. According to Chrysler’s Vice Chairman Jim Press, the Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR is basically ‘sold out.’ In reality, dealers still have a few units left according to Chrysler’s spokesman Nick Kappa.

Press says that the horrible economy is exactly the reason why Viper sales have been steady.

“Those customers are in a high-income group, and [a Viper] is a safe haven,” Press said. “Look at what’s happened in their stock portfolios: The resale value of Vipers shows they’re still in great demand. Smart investors figure out it’s a safe place to put their money “” and also have a lot of fun.”

Chrysler is selling about 100 units of the Viper a month. In the meantime, talks for the sale of the Viper business are progressing. Sources say that even if Chrysler ends up merging with GM, the Viper business will still be sold.

2008 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR:



Source: InsideLine