Top 10 Cars Americans Hate

At a time where gas-prices have hit an all time high and the economy isn’t showing any signs of improvement, you would think that American hate big, expensive and gas-guzzling SUVs. However, according to, SUVs aren’t the only vehicles being hated by American consumers.

To generate its list of the ‘Top 10 Cars¬†Americans Hate,’ Forbes looked at¬†sales data for 10 major vehicle segments put together by J.D. Power and Associates. The data provides¬†ranges from 2006, 2007 and the first nine months of 2008. Whichever vehicle showed the lowest sales made the list.

Forbes also looked at J.D. Power’s 2008 Initial Quality study which reports a buyer’s satisfaction with a vehicle in the first 90 days of ownership in terms of mechanical defects and malfunctions

Check out the list after the jump and head over to Forbes to read more about the study.

Top 10 Cars Americans Hate:

Kia Rio
Volkswagen Rabbit
Mazda Tribute
Saab 9-7X
Saturn Sky
Audi A3
Dodge Magnum
Mitsubishi Galant
Jaguar XJ
Acura RL