Toyota clears up rumors of Prius brand being greenlighted

We’ve previously reported that Toyota is considering offering a family of Prius-branded hybrids. The move may even create a dedicated area in Toyota dealerships for Prius hybrids much like the Scion brand. Leftlane News recently reported that Toyota’s “Prius brand is a go” and that a family of Prius branded hybrids have been given the green light.

Well, Toyota says that was LLN’s way of generating traffic for themselves and that you can’t believe everything you read on the wonderful Internet.

“The trouble with this report is that it”s completely false,” writes Irv Miller, Group Vice President, Corporate Communications.

Miller says that the possibility of a separate Prius brand is still under study and is being discussed internally at Toyota. He confirms that no decisions have been made.


Source: Toyota Open Road Blog